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R-47012-1 Chrysler 318 to a 390 Stroker Kit Combination up to 500 HP 2pc Rear Seal
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Original Price: $1494.00
Sale Price: $1444.00
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318 to a 390 Stroker Kit

Combinations rated up to 750 HP


318 Block and Heads

Kit specifications and standard components:
Forged Dish Top

Connecting Rods: 6.123" I- Beam rod with 7/16"
Cap Screws: 8740 ARP
Crankshaft: 4340 Steel Cranks, 3.580" stroke.


Upgrading kits to include rings and bearings will come with H series bearings and plasma molly rings.

Stroker Kit Piston Combinations
Compression Ratio
Piston Type
Dish Top Piston
10.1 9.4 8.8
Dish Top Piston
10.2 9.6 9.0
Diamond Forged

Stroker Kit Options
In this shopping cart you have the options below to customize your stroker kit with upgraded pistons as well as the option to add ring and bearings as well as balancing to your kit.

All External balanced stroker kits will include a new damper and flex plate with the balancing. If your assembly is only externally balanced on one end or the other the kit will only contain the damper or flex plate that is applicable to the end of the crank that is externally balanced.

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